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80% Display Tubes
How the STEN works

I will be RE OPENING this sight and selling Templates, Receiver tubes, MKIII kits and some new and exciting items in JAN of 2003!

Please read my new section called "Buyer Beware" before you WASTE your money on some of these online auctions!

By entering this sight, you are agreeing to release the author of this page from being held accountable for the use or misuse of any information found within.  You are also agreeing to not hold any of the suppliers, companies, and or individuals responsible for any wrong use of the information or products offered within.
PLEASE use the information accordingly, building a display is a lot of fun and a piece of history you can hold onto.  Done right, it will spark many conversations and become a family heirloom.  Build a shadow box and proudly display it with other WWII memorabilia, the search for items and information is half the fun.

click here to download 22 page MKII blueprints

ATTENTION: The contents within this sight are for EDUCATIONAL purposes only. In NO way am I endorcing or encouraging the building of a "KIT" form STEN MKIII. A fully functional MKIII should only be built by a CLASS 2 FFL holder with the proper BATF paperwork. Any information found within this sight, is just that... INFORMATION! Please feel free to look around and add pictures, comments, drawings and anything else you might feel that someone would find valuable.  REMEMBER... DO NOT even think about building a functional STEN, unless you have the proper License and paperwork from the BATF, and fully understand the NFA laws!

I have strived to give you the most accurate and detailed information available within this web sight. Please be advised however that the entity performing any explained operations assumes all risk associated, including any legal responsibilities concerning devices or instructions detailed within this sight. By entering this sight you agree to release the author and any other individuals posting information and or pictures from any responsibility for injuries, property damage, or legalities incurred. Due to the wide variations in the operations detailed within , it would clearly be impossible to maintain control over the individual use of the information made available. ALL NFA RULES APPLY

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STEN MKIII Home page

Picture of an orignal Sten MKIII as it was probably issued to troops durring WWII


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